estar pirado por en inglés se dice have a crush on . También se traduce como be hung up on , be crazy about , be nuts about , be crackers about , be bonkers about , be dotty about .

Frases que contienen estar pirado por en inglés

How would you feel if your significant other had a crush on someone else?

The only trouble is she's still totally hung up on her ex-boyfriend, even after 6 months!

He's crazy about someone who doesn't love him back

Wow, Romeo certainly was nuts about Juliet!

He was crackers about her and I felt very sorry for him

I am not sure whether she knew I was bonkers about her, but if she did, she was kind enough no to let it intrude on our general friendship

She's embarrassed to confess that, although she is dotty about dogs, she lives in a tiny non-dog-friendly flat

Otras formas de estar pirado por a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • pirada por
  • piradas por
  • pirao por
  • pira por
  • pirá por
  • pirados por
  • pirado por
  • piras por
  • pirás por
  • piraos por

Frases en inglés similares a estar pirado por

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