estar que + trinar en inglés se dice be browned off . También se traduce como be brassed off , be furious , fume , foam at the mouth , fume with anger , fume with rage , seethe , seethe with anger , seethe with rage .

Frases que contienen estar que + trinar en inglés

In World War II parlance, they were probably 'browned-off,' but were certainly not lacking in spirit and loyalty

I'm sorry about the fact they were brassed off, but perhaps it was a natural consequence of the negativity over the past four months

You hurt her pride and her feelings and she's furious

Who has not had occasion to fume at the need to consult a large number of Official journals in order to reconstitute the current text of a particular regulation from all its amendments and corrigenda!

All of Washington is foaming at the mouth over the prospect of more pork-barrel spending

He uses his quirky wit and friendly banter to brighten people's mood when they are feeling low or fuming with anger

Some people, being excessively liverish, cannot refrain from fuming with rage and shouting abuse when they come across stories of injustice, ignorance and foul play in the newspapers

But Palestinian Arabs have learned that if they seethe publicly about anything, the world media will take them seriously

Seething with anger, hundreds of people yesterday came out on the roads waving banners, shouting slogans and waving their fists in the air, demanding justice

Most Iraqis I speak with nowadays are seething with rage towards the occupiers of their country

Frases en inglés similares a estar que + trinar

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