policía de tráfico en inglés se dice traffic officer . También se traduce como highway patrol , traffic cop , traffic police officer , traffic police(man/woman) .

Frases que contienen policía de tráfico en inglés

The instructor's major function at this stage should be to serve as a classroom traffic officer, keeping everyone from talking at once and recording the flow of analysis and conclusions

This article gives a sampling of the types of data these agencies provide, covering the areas of agriculture, Department of Corrections, transportation and highway patrols, natural resources and revenues

The article is entitled 'Passengers, drivers and traffic cops on peer review road'

Two men going about as traffic police officers are being investigated by the force after they extorted money from a driver

In three days, the traffic police have already recommended cancellation of licences of 15 bikers guilty of traffic violations

Otras formas de policía de tráfico a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • policia de trafico
  • policías de tráfico
  • policias de trafico

Frases en inglés similares a policía de tráfico

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