resplandeciente en inglés se dice glancing . También se traduce como shimmering , shining , blazing , sparkly , radiant , scintillating , glittery , glittering .

Frases que contienen resplandeciente en inglés

The kitchen was full of glancing sunlight and clean color; and as she sat there her mind recurred to her attempts to get her assistant to stay

Astounded and frightened by those shimmering tears, Leforte repeated her questions: 'Bernice... Please... Is anything wrong? Can I help?'

When the market for shining victorias and handy runabouts was climaxed by the building of 'horseless carriages,' and tax benefits and lower wages lured mill owners south, thousands emigrated westward

Marie-Nicole Lemieux in the title role provides a blazing star performance

Basically, it's a piece of embroidered fabric to which is added fringe, tassels, and sparkly things

Her radiant smile is marked with confidence and happiness and is impossible to resist

Few other watercolour artists, before or since, could produce such a scintillating piece of work with such economy as Edward Wesson

Not all that glitters is gold but Earth would have a lot less of the glittery stuff if not for a massive rain of meteors about 3.9 billion years ago

The article 'The glittering prizes' likens book prizes to a contemporary form of patronage

Otras formas de resplandeciente a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • resplandecientes

Frases en inglés similares a resplandeciente

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