resultado en inglés se dice finding . También se traduce como net result , outcome , output , result , outgrowth , upshot , culmination , spillover , after effect [after-effect] .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan resultado

  • aunque sin ningún resultado en inglés se dice but (all) to no avail
  • guardar los resultados de una búsqueda en un fichero en inglés se dice assess + results
  • producir resultados en inglés se dice produce + results ; bring + results
  • resultado obtenido en inglés se dice negative result
  • ser el resultado de en inglés se dice follow from ; result from

Frases que contienen resultado en inglés

An informative abstract presents a clear condensation of the essential arguments and findings of the original

The net result has been the automation of certain clerical activities ancillary to cataloging, without actual inclusion of the entire cataloging process, or the catalog itself, as part of the total system

One of the outcomes of entry under title has been the proliferation of serials titles

The output from a post-co-ordinate index depends both on the input to the system, and the physical nature of the store

Plainly such representative sections may not be present in many documents, but sometimes an extract from the results, conclusions or recommendations of a document may serve to identify the key issues covered by the entire document

The founders of the public library considered the library to be the outgrowth of the public education movement and an agency for postgraduate public education

The upshot has been that author-prepared abstracts vary considerably in quality

AACR2 was the culmination of decades of effort to bring uniformity to cataloguing practice in the English-speaking world

A third major trend that is a spillover from the 1980s is the proliferation of microcomputers in all sectors of society

This paper explains how the after effects of flooding on library walls and shelving were dealt with by means of humidifiers and fans

Otras formas de resultado a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • resultados

Frases en inglés similares a resultado

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