resumen en inglés se dice abbreviation . También se traduce como abstract , condensation , digestion , précis , résumé , summarisation [summarization, -USA] , summary , summary , recap , recapitulation , rundown , roundup [round-up] .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan resumen

  • agencia de resúmenes en inglés se dice abstracting agency ; abstracting organisation
  • resumen a partir de los inicios de los documentos en inglés se dice lead-based summary
  • resumen homotópico en inglés se dice homotopic abstract

Frases que contienen resumen en inglés

Many other terms are used to denote a regurgitation or abbreviation of document content

An abstract is a concise and accurate representation of the contents of a document, in a style similar to that of the original document

An abridgement is usually taken to be a condensation that necessarily omits a number of secondary points

They can help in effective note-taking, digestion of current literature, and the analysis of committee papers

A précis is an account which restricts itself to the essential points of an argument

A synopsis is one type of résume prepared by the author of a work

In summarization we are concerned with stating the total content of the document in a brief description

A clearer demarcation might be drawn between the traditional subject headings lists and thesauri by the following summary of differences

Strictly, a summary is a restatement within a document of the salient findings and conclusions of the document

Each session should begin with a brief recap of the previous week's reading

Here again the contributors are leading scholars, but in this case the emphasis is upon analysis and interpretation rather than factual recapitulation

This article describes the functionality of CARL software for this purpose, loads a brief rundown of data bases, and gives the criteria for selecting data bases

Nobody can depend exclusively on library publications reviews to identify new titles, though Publishers Weekly's computer book roundups do help

Otras formas de resumen a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • resumenes

Frases en inglés similares a resumen

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