resurgimiento en inglés se dice resurgence . También se traduce como re-emergence [reemergence] , second wind , throwback , comeback .

Frases que contienen resurgimiento en inglés

Diet books are now more flexible, and there is a resurgence of interest in vegetarian cuisine

There has been a re-emergence of interest in the topic

The article 'Cost-plus pricing: an old nag with a second wind?' suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised

These methods, a throwback to the early 20th century, constitute an excellent basis for sustainable agriculture, which aims to reduce consumption of plant protection products

Fish hawks needed a helping hand and their comeback is one of the great wildlife success stories of our time

Otras formas de resurgimiento a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • resurgimientos

Frases en inglés similares a resurgimiento

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