retirarse en inglés se dice retreat . También se traduce como pull back , bow out , draw back , stand down , back out , walk out , recede .

Frases que contienen retirarse en inglés

Persons who appear nervous or out of place should be approached by the librarian since they may appreciate his help, or upon the indications that they have been noticed, they may retreat (to the street, one hopes, and not merely out of view)

To pull back now would make both her and him look bad

The article 'New York packs 'em in; Martinez bows out' describes the ALA Annual Conference in New York noting the high attendance figures the unexpected decision of the chief executive of the ALA, Elizabeth Martinez, to resign

The author looks at the reasons and purposes why some scholarly publishers have launched electronic projects (e-projects) while others have drawn back

Defence Minister Ehud Barak has called on the Prime Minister to stand down over corruption allegations

Dennis played her along until she decided to back out at which time he threatened to imprison her unless she paid up $2 million

At least five members of the audience walked out during the bishop's address

As you gain experience in practical classification this difficulty will recede

Otras formas de retirarse a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • se retirase
  • se retiró
  • se retiraba
  • retirándoselas
  • retírense
  • se retirarán
  • se retirarían
  • se retiraría
  • retirándose
  • se retiraron
  • retírenselo
  • retírensela
  • retirándoselos
  • retirar
  • se retiren
  • se retiraran
  • se retiran
  • retíraselos
  • retirárselos
  • retirémoselas
  • retirémoselos
  • se retirasen
  • retíraselas
  • retirárselas
  • se retiraren
  • retírenselos
  • retíresela
  • se retirare
  • se retirara
  • retíreselo
  • se retire
  • retírenselas
  • retíraselo
  • retirémosela
  • retirárselo
  • se retiraban
  • retirémoselo
  • retirársela
  • retírasela
  • retíreselas
  • se retirará
  • retíreselos
  • retirándosela
  • se retira
  • retirándoselo
  • retírese

Frases en inglés similares a retirarse

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