retraso en inglés se dice deferment . También se traduce como delay , lag , retrogression , backwardness , lag time [lag-time] .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan retraso

  • andar con retraso en inglés se dice run behind + schedule ; fall behind + schedule ; lag behind + schedule ; be late (for) ; run + late

Frases que contienen retraso en inglés

Bureaux can be useful for proving trials, and the deferment of commitments until a suitable size of data base has been accumulated in the computer system

If there are excessive delays in the record becoming available, and long delays become a common phenomenon, the librarian who is anxious to make new stock available for the user as soon as possible will resort to local cataloguing

If this periodical is normally received about the middle of the month, the lag is about 15 days

Some of the proposals brought forth in this connection represent not technological progress but rather ideological retrogression

Libraries in developing countries suffer from technological backwardness

This article covers ways in which producers of business information on-line have to increase the speed with which searchers can retrieve information, with particular emphasis on increased update frequencies and reduced lag times

Otras formas de retraso a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • retrasos

Frases en inglés similares a retraso

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