retreta en inglés se dice retreat . También se traduce como last post, the , retreat , The first post .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan retreta

  • toque de retreta en inglés se dice last post, the

Frases que contienen retreta en inglés

The retreat, held in an off-campus community room during the Christmas break following an unusually hectic autumn term, lasted a full day

In military tradition, the last post is the bugle call that signifies the end of the day's activities

Retreat is a ceremony in which the unit honors the U.S. flag when it is lowered in the evening

The 'first post' was sounded when the duty officer started his rounds and, as the party proceeded from post to post, a drum was played

Otras formas de retreta a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • retretas

Frases en inglés similares a retreta

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