reunión en inglés se dice assembly . También se traduce como convention , gathering , meeting , rally , reunion , bringing together , convening , powwow [pow-wow] , soirée .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan reunión

  • actas de reuniones en inglés se dice transactions
  • reunión a puertas abiertas en inglés se dice open meeting
  • reunión de trabajo en inglés se dice business meeting ; business session

Frases que contienen reunión en inglés

If you make an entry for that, would you make it ISRAELI PARLIAMENT, ISRAELI GENERAL assembly, ISRAELI CONGRESS, or whatever?

This article describes the 3 largest international book fairs: in Frankfurt, the children's book fair in Bologna, and the American Booksellers Association annual convention which has a different venue every year

This institution offers not only a wide range of information but also the facility of a meeting room, a drop-in lounge for social gatherings, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, displays, playgroups, coffee breaks, informal chats, seminars, study groups, films and slide shows

This was initiated formally by the calling of the first meeting of the Network Advisory Committee in 1976

This article gives examples of unusual forms of library promotion -- rallies, comedy competitions, fun runs, fireworks

The aim of the conference was to bring together the Texas library community in a reunion to reconfirm old networks and to develop new ones

I have already mentioned that the bringing together of the various editions is the real problem

Convenings are one day events that focus on a specific substantive issue

Patterson has called a big powwow for this afternoon

Since that time I have also attended a few soirées but chose to stick to the soft drinks

Otras formas de reunión a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • reuniones
  • reuniónes
  • reunion

Frases en inglés similares a reunión

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