revestimiento en inglés se dice coat . También se traduce como coating , housing , overlay , veneer , cladding , revetment , lining , casing , layer , sheathing .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan revestimiento

  • revestimiento con paneles de madera en inglés se dice wainscoting [wainscotting]

Frases que contienen revestimiento en inglés

We will not accomplish that by being timid or by giving our profession a fresh coat of paint

A thesaurus might advise the searcher that the following alternative terms might prove fruitful: coating and other more specific terms, e.g. Printing works

For certain categories of material, the physical carrier consists of a storage medium (e.g., tape, film) sometimes encased in plastic, metal, etc., housing (e.g. cassette, cartridge) that is an integral part of the item

The pressmen therefore patched the tympan with overlays of tissue paper wherever the type was low, a process that could take hours for a really uneven forme

The table is made of rosewood veneer and porcelain marquetry

The rest of the fibre is cladding and filling, to aid transmission and provide protection for the core

Concrete has been widely used in the remodelling of irrigation channels -- for bottom lining and slope revetment

The conference brought together the disciplines of painting, paper and textile conservation and covered their approaches and problems with regard to lining

They can also provide casings in steel or aluminium, powder coated to a colour of your choice

While the layer of pulp was on this wire, the water drained away and the wire was given a sideways shake

Our topic of discussion today is about special materials used for fiber optic cable sheathing

Otras formas de revestimiento a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • revestimientos

Frases en inglés similares a revestimiento

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