revisión en inglés se dice checking . También se traduce como editing , overhaul , revision , checkup [check-up] , review , refinement .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan revisión

  • artículo de revisión en inglés se dice review article ; review essay

Frases que contienen revisión en inglés

The purpose of this checking is to ensure that an entry always has the same form so that the catalog is consistent and clean

To ensure further that all the index entries generated by chain procedure are indeed helpful, the initial analysis of the chain may require editing

Regular overhaul of guiding is important, especially for the new user who may rely heavily upon it

As already noted, development and revision of classification schemes is essential to their continued usefulness

The article is entitled 'How fit is your health collection?: the importance of regular check-ups: health information in the public library'

This programme is planned to have a lifespan of four years with a review after two years

Also search strategy can be modified relatively easily, where only refinements or slight modifications in index terms are appropriate

Otras formas de revisión a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • revisiones
  • revisiónes
  • revision

Frases en inglés similares a revisión

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