revista científica en inglés se dice journal . También se traduce como periodical , scholarly journal , scientific journal , technical journal , research journal , learned journal , scholarly periodical , scientific serial , scientific periodical , research periodical , academic journal .

Frases que contienen revista científica en inglés

In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract

Each local library is a separate administrative unit with separate and independent files for circulation, acquisitions, periodicals, and holdings

The number of full text data bases on-line is also increasing, providing instant access to newspapers and newswires, popular magazines and scholarly journals

This article reports the findings of an investigation which was conducted in order to determine if either the impact factor or the immediacy index provide useful insights into the qualitative relations among scientific journals

Surely these new resources will have a profound impact upon newspapers, magazines, technical journals and even books

The studies also revealed that the research journals received highest credibility among print media for information gathering by the scientists followed by books

The article 'Don't tax reading -- the case for a zero-rate for books' outlines the plea made by all those concerned with books in the European Economic Community that zero-rating should be applied to books and learned journals in forthcoming legislation

This article discusses the changing role of academic libraries in the dissemination of scholarly periodical articles

This study found that online access to scientific serials is most appropriate in the third world, principally due to the presence of a small number of scientists with a broad range of interests which makes the fixed-price regimes of print, microform or CD-ROM disadvantageous

During the Second World War scientific periodicals were severely censored in many countries almost to the point of total emasculation

The value of the research periodical has never been well understood

The academic journal as a model of information dissemination is one of the forms of publishing being affected most dramatically by the development of the Internet

Otras formas de revista científica a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • revista cientifica
  • revistas científicas
  • revistas cientificas

Frases en inglés similares a revista científica

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