revista de resúmenes en inglés se dice abstracts journal . También se traduce como abstracting journal , abstracting periodical , abstracting and indexing publication , abstract journal , synoptic journal , abstracting and indexing journal , abstracting publication .

Frases que contienen revista de resúmenes en inglés

This type of checking can be delegated to the printer to speed publication of the abstracts journal

Indexing journals (and the indexes to printed abstracting journals) are alphabetical indexes to the literature of a subject area

Abstracting and indexing periodicals may be interfiled into a common sequence with other serials, or may form a separate sequence

Title-based subject indexes have been used as indexes to local abstracting and indexing publications

The production of an abstract journal often seems to be a continuing fight against error

This article describes a study on synoptic journals, with an evaluation of pricing, delay times and prestige of authors publishing in these journals

There are several thousand abstracting and indexing journals available, and a large library may well take several hundred of these

The sheer volume of information published has underlined the importance of secondary, current awareness and abstracting publications

Otras formas de revista de resúmenes a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • revistas de resúmenes
  • revistas de resumenes
  • revista de resumenes

Frases en inglés similares a revista de resúmenes

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