revoltijo en inglés se dice mixed bag . También se traduce como mess , jumble and squeeze , jumble , hodgepodge [hotchpotch, -UK] , hotchpotch [hodgepodge, USA] , cobbling together , mash-up , mishmash , melange .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan revoltijo

  • hacer un revoltijo en inglés se dice cobble together

Frases que contienen revoltijo en inglés

The book trade is a mixed bag of ups and downs even within one broad category of publishing

'Look, Mel,' said James after the hiatus, 'I'm irritated at the convoluted mess this simple case of filling a vacancy has become'

The vista of main street shows in addition to the jumble and squeeze of shops, a 12-story skyscraper, several impressive banks, and a few elderly housing units

Compared to this fairly ordered monographic literature, the multiple contents of a collection of periodicals seemed like a terrible jumble

Whilst, presumably, a set of standards for the conduct of reference work, the document is in fact a hodgepodge shaped by faddish misconceptions

It has thus has created a logical and ordered system out of what was once a hotchpotch of individual decision

It argues that Genesis is a unified text rather than a clumsy cobbling together of disparate materials

'Mash-ups' of data on the web are starting to appear on Australian sites and could provide a new means of online advertising

We follow a mishmash of characters as they move through their unfortunate life without felicity

There were space cadets, aimless women -- the melange was incredible

Otras formas de revoltijo a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • revoltijos

Frases en inglés similares a revoltijo

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