ridículo en inglés se dice preposterous . También se traduce como ludicrous , ridiculous , farcical , grotesque , ridicule , nonsensical , risible .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan ridículo

  • de forma ridícula en inglés se dice grotesquely

Frases que contienen ridículo en inglés

This is unreasonable, in fact, preposterous

Hernandez described the encounter as futile and ludicrous, and concluded that it tallied entirely with Lespran's expectation of it.

Such restraint creates a ridiculous and pathetic situation in which librarians refuse to speak out against, or work to defeat legislation destructive to libraries such as California's Propositions

There is considerable interest in picture books from the social realism of the 70s to the growing interest in fantasy, myth, legend, science fiction and the emphasis on the farcical and absurd aspects of life in the 80s

The above examples are simple subjects; compound subjects such as 'Wiring methods in prefabricated steel-framed houses' would result in grotesque headings

Sometimes running the gauntlet of criticism and ridicule allows an opportunity for defending oneself

Parental protectiveness of children is surely a good thing if sensibly applied, but this nonsensical double standard doesn't help anyone

The film can be considered innovative for its frank (albeit risible) depiction of transvestism

Otras formas de ridículo a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • ridiculo
  • ridícula
  • ridiculos
  • ridiculas
  • ridicula
  • ridículas
  • ridículos

Frases en inglés similares a ridículo

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