riguroso en inglés se dice rigorous . También se traduce como severe , strict , tight , thoroughgoing , Draconian , hard-line , harsh , conscientious .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan riguroso

  • hacer más riguroso en inglés se dice tighten ; tightening up

Frases que contienen riguroso en inglés

You are already familiar with the idea of enumerating isolate concepts in the rigorous facet analysis of CC

Obviously if it were not for the fact that such indexes also have severe limitations there would be little need to produce any other type of subject index

This may lead to deviations from the strict and most obvious alphabetical sequence

Title indexes suffer from absence of tight terminology control

The project was not an end but merely a step along the road to more thoroughgoing bibliographic control

Now this may sound somewhat Draconian as an approach to the problem, but I really do believe, and I have studied this and thought about it very carefully for many years, that this is the only answer, that anything else is just an amelioration of the problem and is building up problems for the future

Many school districts have adopted a hard-line approach to reducing unexcused absenteeism; in one such district, truancy rates were reduced 45 percent when truants and their parents were taken to court

In this unhappy pattern SLIS are not being singled out for especially harsh treatment

Then the conscientious manager can help solve his problems without engaging in original laborious research or the risky practice of trial and error

Otras formas de riguroso a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • rigurosas
  • rigurosa
  • rigurosos

Frases en inglés similares a riguroso

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