riña en inglés se dice fireworks . También se traduce como donnybrook , wrangle , bickering , squabble , squabbling , rumble , spat , quarrel , affray , dust-up , fracas , scrabble , argument , tiff , fallout , row .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan riña

  • riña callejera en inglés se dice street fight

Frases que contienen riña en inglés

'You know, Tom, if I ever find another job -- and I'm already looking -- there will be some fireworks around here before I leave, I can guarantee you that!'

Feaver mentioned that she and Claverhouse frequently engage in some real 'donnybrooks,' as she put it, which invariably include a lot of amicable bantering, whenever they discuss anything

This is a history of The Old Librarian's Almanack (a pamphlet produced as a hoax in 1909) and of the literary wrangles which ensued from its publication

Even if the management decided to make an arbitrary decision, it would be better than the endless bickering and ad-hoc measures we are having to put up with

One might mistakenly be left with the impression that the crisis is a mere 'banana republic' squabble over power

The DVD-RW drive has arrived but not without lots of squabbling among industry competitors

It is common practice for gang members to make sure that the police are informed of an impending rumble

It also includes a blow-by-blow account of spats between management and labor

The following account of a quarrel which took place in about 1540 between Thomas Platter and Balthasar Ruch comes from Platter's autobiography

The Public Order Act 1986 contains many of the more common public order offences such as riot, affray and threatening behaviour

The annual global dust-up over whale hunting is about to kick off again

There are, as I see it, approximately three positions one can take on the matter, each with its own adherents in the current fracas

They got into a scrabble with him after he'd made a racial slur towards blacks in a hotel bar once

We do not want to see young assistants at the counter getting involved in an argument

She found himself in trouble after a tiff with photo journalists during the shoot of a film

Two men who beat another to death in a fallout over a cannabis crop have been gaoled for life

The rows over Britain's contributions to the Community budget and runaway spending on the the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which took up two thirds of the budget, were documented blow by blow in the press

Otras formas de riña a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • rina
  • rinas
  • riñas

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