rincón en inglés se dice corner . También se traduce como nook , alcove , hideaway , secluded spot .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan rincón

  • en este rincón de en inglés se dice in this neck of

Frases que contienen rincón en inglés

The easy chairs are however often tucked into odd corners where you could not put a full table and chair anyway

But he was wiry and wily, too, and he would often hide in some nook of the station to save the fare

Our news service is delivered by a large-screen television that broadcasts continuous cable news in a special alcove adjacent to the library's current periodicals and reference areas

This the perfect hideaway for newlyweds

Nestled among the majestic white pines in central Wisconsin are 17 lakeside cabins located on a secluded spot on beautiful Castle Rock Lake

Otras formas de rincón a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • rincónes
  • rincon
  • rincones

Frases en inglés similares a rincón

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