robusto en inglés se dice sturdy . También se traduce como stalwart , hefty , well-founded , solid , strong , tough .

Frases que contienen robusto en inglés

Here came every sort of human ingredient -- sturdy homesteaders, skilled craftsmen, precious scoundrels

In the past decade or so, much stalwart work has been done in order to provide non-textbook reading material for primary school children

This new font had increased contrast and x-height in the lower case and a hefty set of capitals

No citation order, no matter how well-founded, will prove suitable for every searcher

The genesis of this brave new world of solid state logic, in which bibliographic data are reduced to phantasmagoria on the faces of cathode-ray tubes (CRT), extends at most only three-quarters of a decade into the dim past

In fact, the 1979 index figures show a strong contrast between the hardback and paperback turnovers, with the hardback market being down and the paperback market up

As educators, then, we need to ask ourselves some very tough questions -- some to which we would rather not hear the answers

Otras formas de robusto a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • robustos
  • robusta
  • robustas

Frases en inglés similares a robusto

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