rompecabezas en inglés se dice conundrum . También se traduce como jigsaw , jigsaw puzzle , puzzle .

Traducción de expresiones en español que usan rompecabezas

  • rompecabezas mental en inglés se dice brain tickler

Frases que contienen rompecabezas en inglés

Recently AACR Rule 98 was changed and Rule 99 was dropped, creating more of these fine conundrums

If, in addition, this new piece of information provides an important missing piece of the 'mental jigsaw' or helps to restructure it, we tend to attach greater value to it

Examples of types of specific material designation that would be described in the physical description area are: hand puppet, jigsaw puzzle, film loop, film reel, paperweight, stereograph reel, and so on

We talk heatedly about books that lie beyond our present concerns because these allow us to speculate and often present us with puzzles we want to explore

Frases en inglés similares a rompecabezas

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