retraído en inglés se dice self-effacing . También se traduce como withdrawn , reclusive , reserved , introverted , introvert .

Frases que contienen retraído en inglés

Self-effacing nervousness causes the epiglottis to tighten, strangling the words in the throat and stiffening the diaphragm so that it is like pulled-out elastic unable to propel anything

A class may be keen, alert, contributive, except for one child who is withdrawn, distracted, unresponsive

Then, just days later, the usually reclusive leader of the Pakistani Taliban Mehsud held a news conference of his own, in the same region

Male librarians believed the public's image of themselves to be more submissive, meek, nervous, effeminate, reserved, following, subdued and less approachable, athletic, and attractive than the undergraduate sample actually saw them

Results indicate that reference librarians in general tend to be introverted rather than extroverted

Tests have shown that introverts are not underrepresented among delinquents attending approved schools

Otras formas de retraído a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • retraido
  • retraída
  • retraídas
  • retraidos
  • retraídos
  • retraidas
  • retraida

Frases en inglés similares a retraído

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