retreparse en inglés se dice lean back(wards) . También se traduce como settle back , loll , sit back , kick Posesivo feet up , put Posesivo feet up , kick back , lie back .

Frases que contienen retreparse en inglés

She leaned back and stared straight into the core of the light above, her eyes squinting

Tournquist settled back in her chair, trying tactfully not to read any of the papers which littered his desk

She lolled far back in the couch and stretched out her legs

Then she sat back, happy in the virtuous sensation of duty accomplished

She quietly picked up her book and kicked her feet up on the porch of her new home

Don't you think, Juan, that when the reference librarian or somebody from the circulation desk comes down to the staff room after a tough morning, they should be able to put their feet up and enjoy a smoke?

Whether your tastes differ from mine or not, just kick back, pour yourself a drink and stay right here a little while

Lisa lay back, her hair spilling across the pillow, without a stitch on, wondering how she could feel so completely at ease with him

Otras formas de retreparse a las cual se aplica esta traducción al inglés

  • retrepándoselas
  • se retreparen
  • retrepémoselas
  • retrepárselo
  • retrepársela
  • retrepándoselos
  • se retreparían
  • retrepémoselo
  • se retreparon
  • retrepárselos
  • retrepémosela
  • se retreparan
  • retrépenselo
  • se retrepaban
  • retrépaselas
  • se retreparía
  • retrépensela
  • se retreparán
  • retrepárselas
  • retrepándose
  • retrépenselos
  • se retrepó
  • retrépesela
  • retrépese
  • retrépaselos
  • retrepar
  • se retrepara
  • retrépasela
  • retrépenselas
  • retrépeselas
  • se retrepará
  • retrépeselos
  • retrépaselo
  • se retrepaba
  • se retrepe
  • se retrepen
  • se retrepa
  • se retrepan
  • retrepémoselos
  • se retrepare
  • se retrepase
  • retrépense
  • retrepándoselo
  • retrepándosela
  • retrépeselo
  • se retrepasen

Frases en inglés similares a retreparse

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